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Born 1946 in The Hague. Dutch nationality. Grammar school in The Hague and study at the University of Leiden (1965-1971). MA in General Linguistics, German Language and Analytical Philosophy, PhD in Applied Linguistics.

Assistant professor at the German Department of the University of Leiden (1971-1977). From 1977 to 2007 Head of the Language Department of the National Institute for Educational Assessment (Cito), covering foreign languages and mother tongue education in secondary education. Then Head of the Department of Senior Secondary Education, covering foreign languages, mother tongue education, humanities, mathematics, natural science and economics. Participation in a number of international projects aiming at educational coordination within the European Union. Finally account and product manager in the institute’s new field of higher vocational education.

Chairman of the Dutch Association of Applied Linguistics, Convener of the International Congress of Teachers of German, consultant of the Modern Languages Project of the Council for Cultural Cooperation of the Council of Europe. Chairman of the fencing club 'El Cid' in the Netherlands.

Since 2014 Secretary of 'The Ten Million Club', a foundation stimulating public awareness of the huge problem of national and global overpopulation (see Overpopulation).

I have written three biographic novels. A book dramatizing the fate of a Dutch sergeant charged with desertion in WWII was published May 2011 by Aspekt. A second novel Richthofen on the famous German air fighter of WWI  appeared December 2012 (again publisher Aspekt). A third novel Sirenen (Sirens) on female influence on the lives of three historical persons appeared December 2013.

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